Location Hopping

This week our assignment was to visit 3 locations on SL we have never visited before.

The first location I picked was called Nagare under the Adventure/Fantasy categories. I was lured to Nagare by its picturesque Japanese-syle garden location picture, and boy did it live up to that picturesque expectation.
The location is so detailed from the trees and floating petals to the refined decoration in the quaint buildings. I personally have an interest in Asian styled design and this location transported me into the world of SL, I felt inspired by how much effort and time someone/more that one person had put into creating it.
The name of the location also intrigued me;
(Nagare. Home of Blue Lotus Clan and Dojo Eternal Blades) I haven’t quite figured out what/who the Blue lotus clan are yet but it seemed very quiet when I visited, so I will definitely return again to find out more.

Location: well worth the visit.

The second location on my list of adventures was Muddy’s Music Café under the club category.
From first glance the place did not seem like a club, the outside environment was eclectic with strange shaped buildings and a mixture of Autumn tress and winter trees. I then explored the club itself where I was greeted kindly by the group of people making shapes on the dance floor. The music was a little bit corny but the overall environment was inviting.

Location: Average but worth at least one visit.

The third and final location I visited was Miami Beach Florida under the beaches category.
From the outset, I really appreciated the detail put into this location as well. It completely resembles the real life Miami beach in Florida. The sun and shimmering ocean were lovely especially during sun set. Again this is another location that transported me into the virtual world of second life.

Location: A must see.




One thought on “Location Hopping

  1. Thanks for the review and the ratings. You can spend hours exploring SL. Another way to find interesting places is to either ask people when you meet them, or look into their Profile under “Picks” to see what places they have visited and liked.


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