Communicating with my SL group

After class last week, the group and I communicated over private messages and decided collectively it would be easier for us to communicate via a Facebook group. So we added each other on Facebook and created our group page. We introduced ourselves and added links to our blog and twitter account and then proceeded to discuss what our group assignment entailed and what ideas and common interests we could come up with. By using Facebook as a tool of communication, it enables us to contact each other on the go from our phones and reply back as quickly as possible. Overall our group worked well at communicating and getting ourselves up and running on Facebook and thinking of ideas for our group assignment.

One thought on “Communicating with my SL group

  1. Another benefit of using Facebook as an aid to help us communicate, is the way we can use the Facebook platform to get to know one anther in a more personal way. For example, we are able to look at each others pictures and timelines to give us incite into each person’s interests and activities.


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