Our plans to spread awareness

As part of Virtual Environments assessment, our group has been working towards sharing awareness about the topic of Homelessness. As discussed previously we had decided to take the route of raising awareness Homelessness as cause instead of just picking one charity because we found that it gave us a broader scope to work with and that the awareness of Homelessness as a cause was just as important as picking an individual charity. To do this we created four social media pages and our overall aim was to create awareness locally, but most of all create awareness globally. With these pages we hope to keep the public connected with updates on a variety of websites, and motivational quotes that encourage the awareness and seriousness of Homelessness. Linked below are our social media pages, if you are interested please check them out!


Blog http://homelessawarenessproject.wordpress.com

Instagram https://instagram.com/homeless_awareness_project/

Twitter https://twitter.com/HomelesAwarenes

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/428029980712816/


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