Consumer to Producer

One of the topics that seemed to interlink nicely with our Virtual Environments module ( was the topic of Consumers to Producers. With the introduction of the Internet and social media, this has become an extremely important topic to discuss. The ability to be able to use the Internet and add content to it, through the use of social media, is a benefit to society. It gives the public an opportunity to express their opinions and ideas, rather than just consuming the information, the public now have the ability to become producers themselves. Social media has allowed us to connect, endorse ideas and brands, collaborate with each other and be creative in ways that have never been done before. However of course it still comes with its drawbacks. One of the main issues seen nowadays is that our personal information is easily accessible with just a click of a button. We have seen that employers now have been using this to their advantage. Employers can now search for  your information online that you have uploaded and by doing this they can make a decision whether or not to employ you. There has been an influx of cases that surround this issue and that is something we have discussed in our virtual environments module. We need to be aware that every piece of information that is posted by ourselves on the Internet can be found, even if it was something written on a social media page when you were a teenager, these things can come back to haunt you for future employment. For example the case of the police commissioner in the UK who had to step down from her post as her employers read tweets she had posted at the age of 14 and 16 that were homophobic and had reference to drugs. [1] Companies want to make sure that you will represent their image outside of the work environment; any hurtful information uploaded would in turn affect their reputation by association with you. This case highlighted the importance of regulating your content online and that cleaning up your social media pages can be a smart move for the future.