Our plans to spread awareness

As part of Virtual Environments assessment, our group has been working towards sharing awareness about the topic of Homelessness. As discussed previously we had decided to take the route of raising awareness Homelessness as cause instead of just picking one charity because we found that it gave us a broader scope to work with and that the awareness of Homelessness as a cause was just as important as picking an individual charity. To do this we created four social media pages and our overall aim was to create awareness locally, but most of all create awareness globally. With these pages we hope to keep the public connected with updates on a variety of websites, and motivational quotes that encourage the awareness and seriousness of Homelessness. Linked below are our social media pages, if you are interested please check them out!


Blog http://homelessawarenessproject.wordpress.com

Instagram https://instagram.com/homeless_awareness_project/

Twitter https://twitter.com/HomelesAwarenes

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/428029980712816/

Approaching the Task Ahead

This week as part of our Virtual Environments module, (Here is a link to our class blog http://virtualenvironmentsmodule.com) we had a class discussion about the the progress of our group projects and how we will raise the profile of our chosen charity/cause. We discussed how we are communicating with the members of our groups and what social platforms we were using to do this. One of the issues brought up in class by another group member, was the difficulty in making a decision with what charity they wanted to use. The advice that was given by our lecturers was that the importance of the project was the process of how our groups work together online and how we collectively work on a project more so than the detail of the project itself. On reflection after the class, I took this as a useful piece of advice for my own group project. This was useful to me as I was finding it difficult to delve deeply into our topic of Homelessness as  I have not been affected directly by this problem and so felt it was difficult for me to give information about something I do not know a lot about. However from discussion with our group we found that it was a worthy cause to give online awareness to and from this I have learned that the process of our group working as team to raise the profile of the cause was much more important than whether the detail was correct. This has given me a clearer view on what we should be doing as part of group project.

This week we have been quite quiet with regards to communication partly because our full class group (DIT & Akron) were not all at class last week due to mix up of timetables and partly to do with St Patricks day being a bank holiday in Ireland. However we have been contacting slowly but surely on Facebook to pinpoint exactly which route to take with regards to Homelessness and whether to raise awareness of one charity or raise awareness of Homelessness as a cause. So far we are still in discussion as to what way we will go with it, but I think going with it as a cause will give us flexibility to talk about Homelessness in Ireland as well as in America and take awareness global. In my opinion, our group have been working well to think through ideas and the relevance of Homelessness as a global issue. For us the Facebook group we have set up allows us to post links and long posts to each other wherever we are and at any time in the day, and this has been working great so far. The next step our group needs to take is to organise a timetable and our roles in the project so that we know exactly what we have to do so that there is no confusion. This would be one the areas that if we were to start again we could have organised a schedule a bit sooner, however overall the process of communication and working collaboratively online has been successful for our group.

Group Project: Development Stages

As part of our group project, we have decided after much deliberation we will choose Homelessness as our focus for our project. As discussed previously in this blog, we have been using the social media platform Facebook as our means of communication. We have found that it has been extremely helpful in keeping our group updated with ideas at any time of the day. We have been able to post links and ideas on the topic of homelessness and how it is something we all feel interests us. The angle we plan to take is to look at the similarities and differences between Ireland and America with regards to Homelessness as well as looking online in Second Life at virtual communities that deal with the issues surrounding Homelessness. Our group has worked well in finding a balance between ideas and choosing a topic that interests us all. At this stage of the development process each of our group members have contributed equally to the development of the idea process, and in the next stage of development we will assign roles/tasks each member will undertake in order to fulfil the needs of the project. Overall our online communication has worked exceedingly well and I hope it will continue to do so in the future.